2019 – A year in review!

Merry Christmas 2019! I haven’t written a single blog post all year – how very lazy of me!

However part of that is because this year has been extremely busy – I went to 6 weddings and 3 hen parties, got back into volunteering and as well as a full time job I’ve also done some freelance work. I feel like my feet haven’t touched the ground, and I’ve even coined a new phrase about myself: ‘Burning the Kendall at both ends’. Get it?!

It may have been manically busy but in terms of my career it has been a real success of a year. I feel like I’ve made some great contacts, developed my skills and massively increased my confidence in my abilities. I’ve also developed my crafting skills too, learning to knit and starting to learn dressmaking. I’ve continued to make green choices too, and this has included trying to make and mend rather than indulge in fast fashion where possible, making ethical buying choices and favouring natural rather than plastic-based materials. Getting back in to Girlguiding has been brilliant; I’ve made new friends and found a real sense of community in my local area.

I haven’t loved myself as much as I used to before I went travelling and I haven’t looked after myself as well as I could have. One of my goals for 2020 is to get healthier and get back the self-confidence I used to have, which seems to have disappeared recently. I know I can get it back!

Here are just a few highlights and things I’m proud of this year:

  • Got back into Girlguiding and became Leader in Charge of a Brownie Unit in South London.
  • Selected as a Unit Leader for a group of Rangers from London and South East Region (LaSER) attending the European Jamboree in Gdansk, Poland in 2020.
  • Joined my local WI, and I’m really enjoying being a member.
  • Attended dress making classes and made myself the lovely Christmas dress below – in 2020 I’m planning to make lots more awesome me-made outfits!img_3321
  • Learnt how to knit!
  • Got a new job, working in the rather lovely environs of Somerset House:hBU7TrAjQbqI%OMW4xWvwA
  • Got a bike and braved London’s roads.
  • Took part in Open House London, and wrote and gave tours of Chamberlin, Powell and Bon’s Golden Lane Estate, adjacent to their later and more famous Barbican Estate.
  • Attended lots of talks, exhibitions, museums and shows, including shows at The Globe, ‘Home, I’m Darling’ at the Duke of York and ‘The Women of Whitechapel’ at the ENO. 
  • Went to Paris twice and Ireland twice, to spend time with my awesome family.
  • Did some very awesome crochet – here are a few of my favourite makes from this year:
  • Got involved in some very interesting work projects and also had some very special experiences through work, including behind-the-scenes museum tours and dining at an Oxford College as a guest of the Provost.

I’m off to Cologne for New Year and 2020 is shining brightly ahead of me. I’ve got some adventures up my sleeve, and lots more things I want to accomplish.

Maybe in 2020 I’ll even manage more than one blog post for the whole year?!

Caroline x

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